Who is Wize Kaizz?


Wize Kaizz Press Photo.jpeg

Wize Kaizz was born on March 17th, 1994 in Dearborn County, Indiana. Growing up listening to and idolizing music, Wize Kaizz knew he wanted to be a musician. He started during grade school joining a music class where he learned to play the saxophone, the drums, and many other percussion instruments. Starting to play at a young age allowed Wize Kaizz to develop a musical ear that can only be taught through experience. During his middle and high school years, he focused a lot of his attention on honing his abilities on a variety of instruments like the guitar, bass, percussion, ocarina, and much more. He also belonged to a few heavy metal bands before starting to rap, one of which caught the attention of a label.

After being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer early in 2014, not only was his career on hold but his whole life as well. Despite the physical and mental toll he had to endure, he did beat it and is still in remission to this day. After everything he had been through, Wize Kaizz was still just as determined as ever to write music. This is when Wize Kaizz made the decision to go solo. It was 2019 when he started to rap. He has always been intrigued by how rappers write and construct their stories into lyrics, and after everything he had experienced in life, this is how he wanted to tell his own story.

Wize Kaizz's music is best defined as somewhere between raw underground Hip-Hop, Emo, and Alternative Rap with piano-based beats layered with deep and thought-provoking lyrics. Despite his short time in the rap game, Wize Kaizz has made himself quite at home as a rapper. Having a truly unique vocal delivery and being unashamed to talk about personal topics that other rappers might have stayed away from.


Wize Kaizz debuted with the release of the single, "Here's to Us" (Produced by Opium Lights) followed by "The Grind" (Produced by Eleven Empire Beats). With his latest single, "Prisoner to my MInd", he was truly able to show off his talent and even found his own sound within it. With a plethora of talent, writing, producing, recording, and the ability to play a variety of instruments, Wize Kaizz has the whole world at his fingertips and has shown he is the very definition of a true artist.